4 x 6 metal love collage frame
frame of mind mt

4 x 6 metal love collage frame

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This beautiful frame holds four 4 x 6 photos in both horizontal and vertical arranged throughout the words "love" made from a brass metal with a black rustic finish. 

Frame Depth — The depth of a frame refers to the depth of the frame's rabbet (the cut-out area behind the frame's molding that holds your artwork in place). To find a frame that will accommodate your artwork, measure the depth of the artwork, including any matting or mounting materials, and order a frame with a depth that is, at a minimum, the same as that measured depth.

Frame Dimensions — Frames are sized by the opening, not by the outside of the molding. To determine the size of frame to order, measure the outside of your artwork, including mat, and order that size frame. The frame will overlap your artwork ¼" all the way around, so your artwork will fit nicely behind the frame's molding. Dimensions for all 6 frames are 4 x 6.

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